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The art of capturing a hunt on video is becoming very popular. Each year there is an increase of hunters that enjoy doing so. Flex Cam™ has made this art more convenient, easy and affordable. 

The Flex Cam™ eliminates the need for a cameraman, tapes, DVD’s or the cost of an expensive camera. All that is needed is a cel/mobile phone with the capability to record video.

Never before has the hunter been able to capture a hunt on video and send that hunt via Email or MMS Messaging to anyone, anywhere withing seconds.

Flex Cam™ will hold all cell phones and most video capable hand held cameras. It will also work with compact video cameras (works great with the Moultrie ReAction Cam!). Flex Cam™ will mount to any bow using the pre-existing stabilizer hole and it can also be used with most shotguns using the firearm adapter.

Flex Cam™ is:

* Easily adjustable with just one hand
* Small and lightweight at less than 7 oz.
* Compatible with most video enabled cell phones (devices in excess of 2 3/4″ wide cannot be held securely)

Save your memories and share your adventures with Flex Cam™!




Price: $14.95 

Size :

With the new Flex Cam Universal Mounting Bracket, you can now mount your Flex Cam on just about anything!  From trees to tree stands, and everything in between, the options are now limitless in being able to capture the hunt on your smartphone or compact camcorder.









Replacement parts

(2) Security Bands: $4.00 Plus 2.00 ship/hand
Shotgun Adapter: $12.00 Plus 3.00 ship/hand
Small Universal Mount: $13.95 Plus 3.00 ship/hand
(2) Fingers (Long): $5.00 Plus 2.00 ship/hand
(2) Fingers (short): $5.00 Plus 2.00 ship/hand


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