Smokin’ Rack Rattling Lure

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Every fall during the pre-rut, rut and post-rut, Whitetail Bucks become very aggressive and will engage other bucks in territorial battle. Unknown to most hunters, the friction caused by slamming and crashing of bucks antlers produces a very distinct burnt antler smell. Smokin’ Rack™ Products has produced the first and only lure that duplicates this aroma.

Bucks are attracted to the sounds of rattling and testing has shown that bucks most often approach the sound of rattling from down wind. Now, with Smokin’ Rack™ Rattling Lure, a hunter can duplicate the smell of rattling that deer are familiar with.

Increase your success with Smokin’ Rack™ Rattling Lure!


Apply 10-15 puffs of Smokin’ Rack&trade Rattling Lure into the air to establish wind direction. Rattle 1-2 minutes or however you prefer to rattle and apply 10-15 more puffs immediately after the rattling sequence. Repeat every 30 minutes. For best results, the use of a grunt call is recommended for realism.

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