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Just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I love your products! I have used them for 2 years and I am a buyer for life! Thanks for making a great product!! I will never buy any other brand. Yours is the best on the market no doubt.

Jeffrey A Zuelsdorf
Independent Travel Advisor

When I saw the promotion for the FlexCam, I knew I had to get one. My local sport shop had them in stock, it was mine the same day. I struggled for years with homemade brackets that were clumsy and inadequate. The FlexCam installed in minutes and was very easy to adjust. With just a little practice around the yard, I was ready for the hunt. The first time out, I shot a nice Wisconsin 9 point buck with an arrow and my iPhone. As an option for us amateur videographers, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Brian Grossman
Producer - Poor Boys Outdoors TV

As the producer of an outdoor TV show, the Flex Cam was the perfect tool for allowing us to capture some really unique footage without having to buy a bunch of expensive equipment.  Just throw a Flex Cam on your gun or bow, add your iPhone or other smartphone and you’re videoing hunts!

Blake Hodge

I bought my first, but definitively not my last, Flex Cam at the Outdoor Blast in Macon, GA and as soon as I got home I got to figuring out where the best spot for the cam would be on my bow and it fit right into the last screw in spot on my bow and produces amazing video! I will be also using mine not only for bowhunting but also for duck and goose hunting!! We run a guide service in South Carolina and I will be the first to tell everyone about this amazing product!!

Mike Leachman

I have been filming hunts for about 6 years now and before I discoverd The Flex Cam it was a job just packing in all the gear that you  need to film your hunt, and alot of the time I was by myself which makes it even harder. Now I’m using The Flex Cam, this product has changed the way I hunt and film. I’ve been able to film several hunts by myself this season when normally I would have someone else running the camera for me. This is an awesome product I would recomend it to anyone on a scale to 1 to 10 its an 11. I’m using a Kodak Playsport it does really well.

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